Transformers Shattered Glass Optimus Prime UPGRADE ARMOR (NO PRIME FIGURE)

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Cool knock off FP City Commander Armor for Shattered Glass Optimus Prime. FP never officially release this version but another company did. The quality is not as good as the official City Commander armor, and has some loose bits and does not quite as tight of a fit as the original. However, if you only display your figures then this is for you. Just to be clear this listing is for the upgrade armor only and does NOT include a Shattered Glass Optimus Prime figure. All the photos are from a previous listing. Basically what appears in the first 3 photos is what you will get and the rest are photos with the armor on the SG Prime which is not included (yes, it comes in a plain white box). The rest of the photos are of my display version to show what it looks like. The one the buyer will receive is new and never removed from its plastic covering, etc.

This is a collector's items meant for adult and may not be suitable for children under 15 years of age.

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