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Cool clear G1 Smokescreen figure. This and several other based the Takara book box reissue series popped up in collector circles in Japan and Asia. I acquired all of mine from someone in Japan who claims to this day that they were samples of considered exclusives. It's possible they were samples for something to be vac metalized (chromed) because clear plastic like this tends to yellow over time. The thing that sets this apart from test shots is that it's completely plastic (except for pins that hold the figure together). At the time plastic could not be used as a substitute in a metal mold. That means new molds had to be made in order to product plastic parts. I've taken the liberty of photographing in robot mode because some of these figures tend to be brittle and break.  As you can see by the photos this figure is not broken.

This is a collector's item from Japan and may not be suitable for children under 15 years old.