GFANTIS 7 inch vinyl figure BLACK SAMPLE prototype

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Cool black sample of the GFANTIS 7 inch figure made in Mexico. GFANTIS is the mascot for the annual Kaiju Convention G-Fest which has been held in the Chicago metropolitan area for just under 30 years. We helped launch the successful Kickstarter campaign for the standard 8 inch figure which is a completely different sculpt than this version. Due to problems with the manufacturer and quality this figure was scrapped, but molds were made and about 100 gray and black samples were made. This is one of them and the actual figure appears in the photos (we avoid stock photos since this item can look different from figure figure). This is one of the best examples we have, but it does have minor imperfections, etc which eventually lead to this version being scrapped.

This is a collector's items meant for adult collectors and may not be suitable for children under 15 years of age.